Another picture-heavy post: I had the camera out so I figured I’d catch up on all the things that were piled up on the ‘things to photograph’ pile!

First up is some fibre which came my way last week on birthday day, this was from Hailey, hand-dyed from Pippi Knee Socks in a colourway which reminds me of Handmaiden’s Origin - it’s always been one of my favourites. Thank you Hailey!


Next was Alpaca from Mel (Yogicknitter). She found this for me at Bluefaced, lovely lovely soooooft alpaca in gorgeous caramel colour. The second picture is some more that Andy himself popped in for me - I love the variations in the colours!



Michelle arrived back from the US this week with a pile of dishcloth cotton, it has taken me a while to find the perfect pattern - I wanted one I could do over and over without getting bored, but withough needing the pattern forever either. I found this browsing Rav and immediately loved it! I can just about get through one without the instructions now.


Sweden also yielded some fibre and yarn, lopi-style yarn in a foresty green, and local batts, natural grey. I wanted more of the green actually, as I have something blanket-ish in mind, but that was all that was left. I might spin the grey to match and combine them somehow.



International post has done its job and I can now show you another August birthday knit:


Amanda and I were paired up in a birthday swap two years ago, and we’ve stayed great friends. Fibrey parcels fly back and forth around this time of year :-D This is the Branching Out scarf, made in handspun merino/tencel which Amanda sent me last year for my birthday. More details on the project page.

Finally, one quarter of a pair of socks. This is my current handbag knit, Shur’tagal from The Inside Loop. Designed by the Lovely Alice.


I’ve just started the heel, hopefully good progress will be made at the pub later today! Oceanwind Knits is now my new favourite sock yarn - although I’ll reserve final judgement until I see how it wears.

Coming tomorrow! A sneak preview of the next biggest thing. Here’s a little teaser to get you guessing…


6 Responses to “Fibre Parade”
  1. Moggle says:

    All gorgeous pics. I love the branching out scarf, it looks much nicer with the edging.

  2. Ali says:

    Oooh- blue! Can’t wait to see what it is!

    Lovely fibre you’ve got there, and those dishcloths look awesome.

  3. Yogicknitter says:

    Just to say the raw alpaca fleece was from Doug 2 at the Alpaca centre in Penrith and the combed stuff from bluefaced. Glad you like them. Mel x

  4. Suse the slow knitta says:

    the scarf looks gorgeous, perfect for a cold august in fact! I love the socks too!

  5. Michelle says:

    The site is looking fantastic! I really have to make one of those dishcloths as well, so cute!

  6. Amanda Cathleen says:

    so much pretty fibers! I love the dishcloths, cool design.
    And I love my scarf. I truly cant’ tell you how much I do! Thank you!

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