Trawling back through the archives I found my original list:

2 pairs handknit socks

1 handspun scarf (I have half the yarn done for this btw)

2 skeins handspun laceweight

4 skeins handspun sock

1 beaded lace Swallowtail.

See - It’s really not that long is it. And I have all the yarn except the other half of the scarf. And the stuff I haven’t spun yet…

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Hahaha! I culled it a little. And added some stuff. Apparantly making lists is pointless if your Christmas philosophy is to make stuff you like and then decide who to give it to afterwards.


2 pairs handknit socks I did one - packed and posted, replaced the other one with a woven scarf.

1 handspun scarf (I have half the yarn done for this btw) Tick :-)

2 skeins handspun laceweight Well, one of these became fingering weight for colourwork (almost done), one is going to be smoodgy DK.

4 skeins handspun sock not a chance, but two of them have been replaced with a pair of handspun somethings.

1 beaded lace Swallowtail Tick - except I did nupps instead of beads

I’ve also added to the list a pair of wristwarmers (the yarn is wound) and a crocheted hat.

One week to go.

I’m thinking about leaving the knitting lying around in the living room, with a glass of milk and home-baked shortbread beside it. For the elves you know…

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  1. elizabeth says:

    if you find some elves to finish off your knitting, send a few across the pond to me! I like the idea of knitting what you like and then deciding who to gift it to. My mom’s getting my handspun Selbuvotter gloves, which she’ll be able to use much more than I would.

  2. carole says:

    Hi good to hear about your work in progress and also to wish you and Neil a wonderful Christmas - hope you get lots of lovely surprises and have some favourable from here in Aus.

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