Thank you so much to everyone who has left messages for me expressing their concern about the folks at home. It’s pretty crazy and confusing the way it’s being reported here in the northern hemisphere, but luckily Australia’s a pretty big place so it is possible for a lot of it to be burning down while still leaving other bits relatively safe (I say relatively because, with wild fire in these climate conditions you really can never know what will happen. I’m not relaxed yet).

This link will take you to the fire map for Victoria. You can see that the fires around the east and north east of Melbourne are pretty bad, this is where most of the casualties have been I believe. When I first checked the map I was concerned for my Dad, who lives not far from Warragul. I called him and yes, the fire had got to within 1km of the town, but no closer. He had to watch for burning embers falling most of Saturday, but they’re reasonably calm now.

My Mum is up a little to the north of Bairnsdale, and you can imagine my relief when I saw how clear the map is around that area. The danger is not past yet of course, and they know many people who have been affected by the fires to the north of them and near Orbost.

Luckily, temperatures have been much lower the last day or so and are forecast to remain so for a little while. Hopefully this will give people a good chance to prepare for another bout of bad weather if there is one, and for the fire-fighters to get the worst of it under control.

If you wish to leave a message for anyone in my family, then please feel free to do it here - Mum and Dad both read the blog and the comments and I know they will be very glad to know you are thinking of them. And please, if it’s your way, keep all affected Australians in your thoughts and prayers this week.


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  1. Peggy says:

    Am praying for you and those who have had so much destruction.

  2. elizabeth says:

    I’m so glad to know your family is okay! I thought about you when I heard of the fires but then I doubted my memory that you are Australian - thought maybe I’d dreamt it! Sending good vibes…

  3. Kai says:


  4. Ali says:

    I’m glad to hear everyone is safe and in your dad’s case, well out of harm’s way. I wish everyone there the very best and that their friends and families are all safe and sound.

  5. DaD says:

    had a trip NW about 35km today to deliver some windows, this area is called Neerim Junction. The fire is still burning there, however it is doing more good at present by clearing all of the undergrowth as it proceeds. It is moore like burning off as the temperatures are very mild - under 20deg today with very little wind. Most of the fireys have been moved to more dangerous areas of the state. Thanks to all for your thoughts.

  6. Lucy Brownie says:

    Every time this is on the news I think of you and your family and hope that everyone stays safe.

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