Well, weekends are supposed to be for spinning but there’s been other stuff happening around here - like the launch of the new blog and fiddling with Wordpress for the last 10 hours or so!

I did get a little bit done though:

Finished another 10g/100m of the pink laceweight and I’m stopping there as I have enough to do something with it all now. I have promised my flatmates there will be no more pink fuzz stuck to their socks (I haven’t told them about the blue fuzz ;-))

Sampled the polwarth till I was happy with it, learning (but not perfecting) long-draw in the process. I have started the main spinning but there’s only three bumps on the bobbin so not worth photographing.

In lieu of new photos - here’s an old one:




WIP police who watch my sidebar list may have notice ‘Socks From Scratch’ reappear only to disappear. I did start knitting the SFS using the very cool Turkish cast on which I found here. I really wanted to have them stripe perfectly right from the toe which short rows won’t do. However I hated the look of the toe once I’d finished it (you know the one where you increase one each end on top and bottom of toe until it’s big enough), so it was frogged.

So what do I do? Anyone know another way of doing the toe which starts right from the tip and looks better? Or should I ditch aesthetics and do my favourite short row toe? Let me know!

Ciao, Diane

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Yes just do a short row toe? I always do this now - it’s fast and seems to adapt easily to different shaped feet-ends.

  2. Heather says:

    Brilliant. I have seen that cast-on used to knit a lace scarf both ways from the centre - with a second ball of wool obviously - but as the start of a “bag” it is perfect.
    But using circs would make the first row of stitches bigger, wouldn’t it? The method I saw used a needle and a length of smooth string.

  3. Carrie K says:

    There you are! There’s the Magic Cast on at Knitty, but it sounds like the same thing.

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