As we would (might) say down under.

Last summer I worked on a BIG project, but didn’t tell many people about it as I was 1) not really supposed to, and 2) really really afraid that fate would turn around and bite me on the butt. Gradually, there was movement. I finished, sent it off, waited some more… still didn’t say anything.

Then the preorder page for the book (a book!) appeared on Amazon, but I know all about fate and I didn’t want to bounce around just yet and then discover that actually, I’m not in this one - maybe next time…

Then on Friday I got a cheque in the post - a pretty good sign I thought - and then today I thought to look again aaaaaaand

You can actually look inside on Amazon and my name is right there in the table of contents :-D I’m on page 32 (which is also my age - coincidence?) and you can see a pic of my shawl on the facing page as well.

To celebrate, I’m taking the rest of the afternoon off!

11 Responses to “Bouncing Around like a Headless Chook”
  1. Yoshimi says:

    I’m bouncing up and down right along with you! I remember the “Secret project” (OK I remember knowing something was going on and sulking that I wasn’t allowed to know what, turns out my guess at the time was right) and I am just so proud of you. Does this mean I officially know someone famous?

  2. Anna says:

    That is so exciting! Congratulations. You truly deserve a huge celebration.

  3. Larissa says:

    That is very very cool! You’re definitely entitled to run around like a headless chook for quite some time on that one :)

  4. Kate says:

    *joins in with the bouncing*

    The shawl looks gorgeous!

  5. Kai says:

    Congrats my honey!! :D


  6. Jo says:

    Fantastic, gorgoeus shawl by the way, and ugh you youngters make me feel so old!

  7. probablyjane says:

    Congratulations! Another book to add to the wish list.

  8. Moggle says:

    Hurrah! I’m going to get my local library to order that book.

  9. Lindsey says:

    Yay! Fabulous shawl, and it looks like a great book. Congrats Diane!! :-)

  10. Mum says:

    THAT IS WONDERFUL! Why didn’t you tell me on the phone?????????
    Congratulations and well done! xxx

  11. DaD says:

    I may not be ready for a shawl like that yet, but it looks great. I do remember bouncing you around when you where a lot younger. Nice to see it continues. Great work!!!!!!

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