Tangled Yoke is my first grown-up cardigan, and this might be surprising, but I’ve never had to make buttonholes that were more than just a yarn over, and I’ve never had the excitement of choosing proper buttons for something that I intend to wear and love myself - it’s kind of fun!

I knew I didn’t have eight of anything, but I dug through my button box to see what sorts of colours might go with the Felted Tweed. When I first started thinking about buttons I had the idea of getting little brass ones and having found one in the box, I’m pretty sold on it. It really picks out the little flecks of orangey brown here and there in the tweed. I like the two other darker styles, they’ll be fall-back options (although I’m pretty sure they came from my grandmother and I have no idea if I’ll find anything similar). I think the other pale one is just a bit pale. Suggestions?


Still on the theme of Felted-Tweed-is-OMG-amazing-and-I-never-want-to-knit-with-anything-else-ever-especially-if-it’s-colourwork, having finished TY I’m now allowed to (properly) start on my yoked sweater (I did the collar already last week, couldn’t help it), which is based on Brooklyn Tweed’s Huron.


I’m amazed at how fast it’s going, the first couple of inches of colourwork only took me a couple of hours. I’ve just increased sharply to 240sts though, so the next pattern will be slower! I’d probably get it done even faster if I didn’t keep stopping to pet it…

Oh and did I mention that Felted Tweed in colourwork is pretty darned amazing? I may give up chocolate for it.

3 Responses to “Buttons!”
  1. Justine says:

    I agree - brass buttons will look amazing - will you post shots of you when you’re finished?

  2. Amanda Cathleen says:

    brass buttons will look wonderful! Buttons are hard to pick out. Good luck
    oooo I love the cardi you started! I’m in a total sweater mood right now.

  3. Carrie K says:

    That’s pretty amazing, giving up chocolate worth. It looks gorgeous.

    The brass buttons do bring out the color pretty fabulously.

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