Sorry about the lack of news - hotel wifi let us down in Italy and I couldn’t post anything. Then as soon as we walked in the door my dear puter went on the blink and is still in computer hospital (on Neil’s desk) so I’m afraid it may be a weeny bit longer before I can catch up.

But I have tomorrow off so I will get up early while Neil is still in bed and commandeer his computer to write lovely stories about pizza, beaches and Italian shoes :-D

Ciao, Diane

3 Responses to “I’m Back!”
  1. Badger says:

    You’re home! Hope the holibags were relaxing ;)

  2. Carrie K says:

    I think you should bask in the glory that is daydreaming about the vacation you just took.

    Welcome home!

  3. Amanda Cathleen says:

    welcome back! i missed you.. hope your computers stay isnt very long. :-)

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