This is going to be a long one, so grab a cuppa and settle comfortably!

The weekend began with finally meeting up with Jan, a dear friend of my mother’s who I’d only met briefly years ago and have been getting to know over past months through email and phone calls. We immediately hit it off and could have talked all night if we hadn’t been conscious of a 6am wake-up call! After an early start and a long drive Saturday morning we arrived in Builth Wells and found the showgrounds, only having got lost once.

The first thing I saw as I walked in the door was the Great Wheel. The first spinning wheel invented, I had always been interested in seeing one  and finding out how it works (I won’t go into long detail here, I’ll do an article one day).


I got a chance to have a go and it was amazing to feel the connection with spinners from hundreds of years ago.
Jan and Meg needed to check in at the Coloured Sheep Breeders stand so we went there next and then I was let loose to wander around the stalls and chat (and shop!) at will.

I was on the lookout for a Bosworth spindle and information on weaving. I found both together at Willow Close Studio where Carole was very helpful in answering all my questions. I fell in love with a 20g spindle made from Morado wood and headed immediately to Fybrespates to get something to spin on it!

I may have had some small part in influencing Jennifer’s surprisingly similar purchase ;-)


Here is my new baby wearing a pink cashmere sweater (all arty shots courtesy of Jan’s lovely back garden)


Other items were gradually ticked off my list as the day went on: I caught up with Kerrie and had a chance to goo at the new baby; I met some lovely ladies selling knit/felt kits and had long chats about small business in the fibre industry; I took photos of sheep for my mobile phone wallpaper :-D; I discovered Bib and Bob and fell in love (Bib (on the right) is moving to Australia soon to live at Kurrajong Farm). 


We left around 6pm for the long drive home during which Meg told me all about solar dyeing and convinced me that it is hopeless to resist the call to play with colour any longer. I’m planning to catch up with her soon for a more in-depth lesson.

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  1. cairi says:


  2. Mum says:

    I am still jealous!

  3. cyndy says:

    Beautiful picture of the Great Wheel…I would love to read whatever you write about it!

    Just came from reading your article on the Nostepinne for Spindle and Wheel, and wanted to thank you! It was well written…and I tried it out and it worked great!

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