On Sunday we still had plenty on the program. Jan’s guild was demonstrating at an open day at Ufton Court mediaeval manor: we popped by there to catch up with the ladies and squeezed in a quick tour of the house as well.  


Then we headed up to our final stop for the weekend, a visit to the studio of weaver Mary Kinipple. Mary often weaves with handspun which she has dyed with natural dyes. I was amazed at the colours she is able to produce.     


Her loom is warped for a handspun blanket, dyes include madder, woad, indigo, walnut, bloodroot, and more that I have forgotten. She gave me a couple of oddments of yarn which will become a highly treasured little memento project.

I was very sad to finally be heading for Newbury station and having to say goodbye, but Jan’s not too far away and it will be easy to pop down regularly for visits where we can spin, dye, weave and of course chatter, to our hearts’ content! 

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