Things I know:

1. If you want to spin a yarn to a specific gauge you should do a sample and knit a swatch.

2. You should then keep your swatch, yarn and original singles handy while you spin so you can regularly check the grist (thickness) of your new singles to ensure uniformity.

3. It is easily possible to achieve on-gauge yarn if you follow these rules.

Things I also know (now):

1. If your original swatch is off gauge (24 is like 22 isn’t it?) then you probably should do another one rather than planning to ’spin a bit thicker’.

2. If you are a bit lax on rule two (see above) because you know you are pretty experienced and it ‘looks okay’ then you deserve to fall in a screaming heap get your come-uppances.

3. Knitting with fingering weight yarn on 4mm needles does not make a nice firm fabric no matter how much you want it to be DK weight.

4. Discovering you have 200m of lovely fingering weight yarn and no fibre left and a pattern which uses DK calls for a glass several glasses of red wine.

3 Responses to “Pear-shaped”
  1. Amanda Cathleen says:

    I’m sorry girl, that just blows!

  2. jeni says:

    I tagged you. hehe

  3. Lindsey says:

    Oh dear. That stinks. I have yet to try my hand at spinning (one day when I have more time…money….space for a wheel?), but I can imagine how frustrating that must be. :-(

    On the other hand, there are lots of lovely things you can do with fingering yarn, right? It just means it’s time to find a new perfect pattern for that yarn!

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