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Entries are coming in and it’s been great fun to see the variety of different results.

Here’s a couple to inspire you:

01knitflix.jpg   Crinkly merino by Janice

06veronika.JPG    Cotton and merino blend by Veronika

Don’t forget, you still have one more week to get your pics to me in time for the prize draw!

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I got my Spunky Fibre parcel this week too ;-) It’s great colours - sort of thundery pinks and purples - and I can’t wait to get spinning on it.

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dscn2429.JPGThe short story: Spin one thick single and one thin single, ply them together.

The long story … I spotted this effect when I was visiting Jan last weekend. The yarn was in a skein, a dark colour, and the bobbly texture was well displayed and caught my attention immediately.

Fast forward to Monday when I was sampling some Suffolk roving that Rachel sent me – I had done a bit of lumpy bumpy singles and wasn’t really hooked on the idea of plying it back on itself. Gazing around for inspiration I spotted some ancient Shetland singles which had been left on a bobbin at the end of a 2-ply (see there’s always a reason to keep it). What if…. I thought, and the new yarn was plied up and instantly declared a winner.

I played with crinkle-cut yarn (just like potato chips you see) all week …

Click HERE to download the full tutorial. Have fun, and don’t forget to send me your results :-D btw, anyone good at making buttons? I’d love one for the SSAL!

Don’t forget, for each entry received in this instalment I have pledged £1 to Tricoteuses sans Frontieres - show your support! Edited to add: Entries due by 9am GMT June 11th. SSAL #2 will be up June 10th.

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Welcome to the Sunday Spin-A-Long. For spinners who like to try new things, even if only for half an hour or so of sampling. Each tutorial will cover a new topic, each one will have a prize draw open to all those who send in feedback.

Some guidelines:

1. This will not be ‘Spinning For Dummies’; nor will it be ‘Spinning 301′; it’s going to be more like “Hey I just discovered this really cool thing and I had a play with it and figured it out and wouldn’t it be cool if you tried it too?” I’m hoping people will get inspired and get spinning with something new.

2. I have a bit of a list for future tutorials, but I’m very open to suggestions. If you ask, and I haven’t tried it, then I’ll sample/investigate/ask my guru until I can write it up. 

3. If you send me a photo and comment you are a) entering the prize draw for that instalment and b) agreeing to have your photo, comment and first name/online name published in the gallery. No-one minds do they? I will choose up to 15 pics each time for the gallery (everyone goes in the draw though).

4. The draw: names will go in a hat, I will email the winner and ask for your postal address. I don’t mind shipping outside the UK.

5. Topics will mostly use fibre you will have in your stash (unless you neeeeed a bigger stash!) Advance notice will be given of particular needs.

6. Do not think of this as compulsory course-work. Join in sometimes or every time or just lurk around. Sample the technique for ten minutes or spin a 100g skein. It’s up to you.

To join in, simply download the tutorial, play with fibre for a while, send me your feedback to dianemulholland AT gmail DOT com.

Have Fun!

Want a button? Grab one here (but leave the bandwidth please)

ssal6.jpg    ssal3.jpg

ssal4jpg.jpg    ssal7.jpg

Buttons by Bronte: (who assures me that one day she will spin as well as she makes buttons)


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