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Hand-carved bead from a little shop in Amsterdam: 80p


Bamboo dpn: free really, as I bought the set for making i-cord.


Sheepy egg-cup from Wonderwool ‘07: £2


That thrill you experience when your tiny support spindle stands up and spins with grace: Priceless.


I spotted 10 minutes a day on a blog somewhere and later discovered that there’s a ravelry group. The idea stuck in my head and I decided to apply it to improving my support spindle spinning. I hereby pledge to practice for ten minutes every day this summer.


At the moment I’m spinning some cashmere which I bought ages age, it’s boring white but ok to practise on. I’m getting some cotton sliver, and will hopefully progress to the gorgeous naturally coloured cotton like you can see here.

The spare bead, btw, which isn’t a spindle yet, is for Kai. Who I’m hoping will join me on this venture!

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