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Better late than never right?!

I posted very infrequently in 2010, but I did get a fair bit of knitting done. At least half of it in the later part of the year, after I got to the point where my back wasn’t bothering me any more. I can knit as much as I like now, as long as I’m sitting comfortably, and it’s made a HUGE difference to my motivation - as you can imagine. I’m working on achieving that same goal with spinning - at the moment I’m limited to sessions of about 30-45 mins at a time, although I can manage a few of those in the same day if I do some stretches in between.

So, the finished projects…

There were socks of course:

Socks 2010

Laila’s Socks by Nancy Bush, which I’ve had the yarn for forever and have always wanted to knit. I cast them on Christmas Day and finished the first one on Boxing day - this pattern is dead simple! Pink no-purl Monkeys in Tosh Sock, LOVE knitting with this yarn and it’s wearing well. The red socks are made from yarn by a great friend, Pippa, and designed by another great friend, Ruth from Rock & Purl. There’s a second pair of Hopscotch socks, in Plucky Knitter yarn. I LOVED these socks and discovered holes in them just the other night :-( Not any fault with the yarn, I wore them (literally) to death, at least twice a week for nearly a year. Lastly, bright pink Koigu Amelie socks which were Ruth’s birthday present.

A major inspiration spark last year was the announcement that my sister-in-law was pregnant :-) There was baby stuff…

Baby stuff 2010

The tiny shoes (Tosh Sock leftovers) were for a friend’s baby, but the rest was sent to Australia for my new nephew Liam, born in October. I knitted the blanket from Rowan Wool/Cotton and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s nicely washable, great stitch definition and easy on the hands (I couldn’t do pure cotton). And of course, the obligatory Baby Surprise Jacket, and Elijah.

Lastly, a mish mash of all the other things that plopped off the needles (and loom) last year:

Odds and ends 2010

Yes, there was weaving - A scarf for Neil for Christmas from Devon Fine Fibres Cashmere (which I am in love with) and my charkha-spun cotton table runner. I had a bit of a run on mittens, only the Endpapers (koigu again) were for me, the other two were Christmas presents. My first Haruni was also gifted, but I plan to make another one, most likely also in Malabrigo sock as this one turned out so great. The little star was a present, the red bobble hat one of a string of bobble hats that seems to be never-ending. And my Snow Day Hat, handspun from Oceanwind Knits fibre, was actually the first thing I finished last year, but got the most use last month while I was in New York. It’s extremely warm!

There were two things that didn’t make it into this post, as I don’t have photos. One was a handtowel I made for Stephanie as a housewarming present, and the other was the first bobble hat - knitted for me, worn a million times, and still un-photographed!

So, bring on the 2011 knitting time now!

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