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I like Sundays. The whole day stretches out with no interruptions and there seems to be no end to the small tasks you can tick off one by one. So far today I have:

  • Spun the last two bobbins of ‘Deep Sea’
  • Washed my very awesome Wensleydale fleece
  • Dyed some grey Polwarth to test out oven dyeing
  • Eaten lunch
  • Chatted to family
  • Caught up on Cast-On

Some of these things, I admit were done at the same time. But hey, it’s not even half past two!

This is the ‘Deep Sea’ so far:


Once I’ve plied the last lot, I’ll finish it all together and it will packed up for a special someone with a birthday. For those of you who are equally in love, or just curious, it’s BFL dyed by Lisa Souza. Brilliant, quality fibre. Gorgeous colours. Go get some.

Propped up beside me on the bookshelf, where I can peek at it often, is this:


I’ve been in love for a while, but it wasn’t until I remembered I had this in my stash:


… that a very cool idea started to germinate. More on that when the current deadlines are met.

This afternoon? Visit to Wholefoods (aaah the joy of living within walking distance of the best supermarket in the UK); Finish (maybe) the second Sockapalooza sock; An inch or so of green ribbing in front of a movie; Who knows …

What does your perfect Sunday involve?

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…it’s 12 rounds per inch :-(

I did about 2 inches yesterday, that’s over 3,000 stitches. Emma, are you really sure you’re up for this?

Here’s a pic, to put you all out of your misery.


This was taken before the two inches of ribbing, you’ll just have to imagine that on. The sleeves will be little, I’m thinking of knitting one today to have a break from the whole ribbing thing.

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Okay, my estimate of finishing off the green monster lovely lacy thing by the end of last week was obviously hugely wrong. I have finished the lace, and am now going round and round, seemingly endlessly.

216 sts per round. 10 rounds/inch. Lucky I’m not tall.

Amazingly, I have found someone just as nutty as myself who is … get this … eager (!) to pattern test for me :-D

Sorry there’s no photos but I don’t have my camera with me. I’ll try for one tonight.

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We welcome the latest new arrival at Kurrajong Farm :-D


His name is Latte and he is 18 months old.


Here he is getting to know his room-mates.

Latte’s fleece is a lovely fawn colour and we know you want some, but we are planning on keeping it all for ourselves :-D

The lamb’s-wool, however, will be available after shearing in November. It is Border Leicester/Merino cross and promises to be gorgeous!

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This is what we get up to when sheepy events are within reach :-D I took changes of clothes, and spare shoes, but amazingly the weather was fine and warm!


Jacob sheep being judged - I’d never seen sheep-judging before, it was an interesting experience.


The “Supreme Champion” class. All the ‘Champions’, the best of each breed, are compared to each other. Left to right: ?, Wensleydale (reserve champion), Southdown, Black Welsh Mountain (champion), Hebridean, Soay?, ?, Shetland, Jacob, Oxford Down. Apologies for the question marks, I’ll fill them in when I remember.


The Haul from the show: EZ’s Knitting Around, some pure silk top, camel/silk top (sooooooo soft), and a little bit of silk/angora to sample. These all came from P&M Woolcraft, who had a stall - it was great to finally meet them. A ‘Sheep Breeds’ card which incidentally, is missing most of the ones I tried to identify, but still useful.


The haul from Jan’s garage: Which proved a lot more dangerous than the show! I only got a little bit of each though - to further my education of English breeds. The black on the right is an early birthday present from Jan- the most divine curly, soft Wensleydale. It is indescribable, I’ll tell you more later, when I’ve stopped cuddling it.

Next stop, Newbury show in September!

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ssal3.jpgSilk Hankies are the type of thing I keep buying on impulse. I am a complete sucker for anything in a little bag with a little price, especially if it is dyed in pretty colours! Trouble is, I get home and discover that a) I don’t know how to spin it, and b) I don’t really have enough for anything useful if I did. This tutorial addresses the first question, now I’ve figured it out, and explores the second question by suggesting ways to stretch your supply as far as possible.

Download: SSAL #4: Playing With Hankies

Photos due by August 6th to be entered in the prize draw.

Happy Spinning!

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Heather G. Congratulations!

Your prize is winging its way towards you :-D

My box of goodies came yesterday, some of it was not quite dry though, as the dyeing got held up at the other end, and it’s on the clothes rack. I should be able to get spinning tonight on SSAL #4 - Thanks for being patient!

Happy Spinning!

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Hehe - now I know why I don’t normally get lots of comments: I obviously give away too much information ;-)

You are all correct , in certain ways, and thanks for all the compliments on the pattern!

Today it looks much the same as in the last photo, only bigger, and with the mistakes fixed. The rate I’m going, it will be finished by the end of the week (now there’s another clue of sorts).

This pattern is going to be published in the “Knit to Fit” range I’m starting. Garments which you fit to your own body shape and exact measurements while you knit them. I’ll keep you posted.


P.S. This design is not for those who like fast, chunky knits! I already have 96 more stitches than I cast on.

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You never know where or when it is going to strike. This time it was Friday evening, on my way to the tube. I understand now why people have huge stashes - as it was, I had to wait until Saturday when I promptly returned to Stash and denuded a certain shelf.

I swatched all day Saturday…


…and scribbled notes on graph paper…


… and made Neil measure bits of me (no I don’t have photos of that ;-) )

Today I have achieved this:


… and not much else I’m afraid - I have the bug :-D

Can you guess what it is?

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And hence no Spin-a-Long today :-(

I will have it up as soon as I get my big box full of silk hankies and other exciting stuff.

Photo entries for SSAL #3 - Turkish Knot are due 9am tomorrow!

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