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Those of you well up on your current events will be aware that things have been a little uncertain in the banking industry this year. Luckily, Neil’s job has stayed intact, but it has been far from secure and we have spent almost an entire year skipping from one one-month contract to the next and never being quite sure what was around the corner. Finally, The Bank came through with a four-month stay, enough to get us through the winter low period and relax enough to be able to finally rationalise some holiday time - yay!

Of course, the four months turned up because things were hotting up on Neil’s project, and I was also right in the middle of teaching rounds for my training, so we ended up only having a couple of days to spare for a long weekend. We recalled a long-standing invitation to visit a mate in Athens, booked flights and were off to find some sun.

We were not disappointed 8-)

Temperatures hovered around the low to mid 20s, a nice contrast to the 10 degrees or so we had in London the day we left. It was almost always sunny, and the obligatory holiday rain only lasted a few minutes on the last day.


Kon had to work Friday, so we toured ourselves around the Acropolis and other parts of ancient Athens, poring over guidebooks and reading bits of Greek history to each other in the sunshine.


Then on Saturday we took a road trip down through Corinth to Napflio, which was the first capital of Greece, and is now a lovely little port city with ancient winding streets and looming fortresses.



One thing I found a little odd about the weather was that the days were still quite short - somewhere in my brain I equate warmth with long long evenings of light, but that wasn’t the case of course. We had hoped to climb up to the main fort but it would have been thoroughly dark coming down so we just admired it from below.


On Sunday we slept latish and decided to just hang out by the waterside and polish off a final Greek coffee and a saganki or two. Then it was off to the aiport to catch our flight home, amidst plans of returning for a week in the summer to potter around some islands!

More pics here in our Flickr set.

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