The aforementioned pics of rain. Mum’s too busy rescuing chooks so I’ll post them for her.


This creek has been dry for years.



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  1. Mum says:

    Do English and United States readers know what chooks are?

    They were a very wet and bedraggled lot today. They didn’t even want to leave their pens — funny, that.

    We are very lucky that the temperature is quite high, a cold wind on top of all this water does lots more damage.
    (Though not so very far away the High Country is rejoicing in good snow-falls; the wind is from the south here)

  2. Ali says:


    Hope you had a lovely evening. Above’s my email address, so we can sort out dinner; we’re got plans till Saturday but Sunday’s good and Tuesday onwards. ^_^

  3. Carrie K says:

    No. At least this US reader doesn’t. Chooks - some kind of bird? I’ll google it…..

    Wow, that looks pretty muddy. And very wet.

  4. Allena says:

    A CHICKEN, A CHICKEN, IT’S A CHICKEN! If they had little sweaters maybe they would want to go outside?

  5. cairi says:

    chooks…..thats what us scots call them too so yes I know *feels clever* heehee

    hope your mum and family are safe from all the water, seems all this yucky weather is worldwide then, its mad!!!!

  6. says:…

    Needles on the Move » From drought to ……

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