Oops! I forgot to post the winner of Spin-a-Long #2 - but don’t worry, I did remember to contact her and have posted off the parcel of goodies :-D

‘It’s all in the Wrist’ winner was Lucy!

And now that I have the galleries sorted you can go check out the pics she sent in, and everyone else’s as well.

‘Crinkle Cut’ pics, ‘It’s all in the Wrist’ pics

- - - - -

I also have another FO to show you. This was secret knitting for a while, but they have been sent off to their new owner, proud mum-to-be Nic, so I can post a piccy now.


Baby washcloths for Peanut, made from DB Pure Cotton. It was lovely to knit with and I’ll definitely be making another set next time I hear of a new baby on the way!

3 Responses to “Congratulations!”
  1. Lucy says:

    You can find my blog at http://workbasket.blogspot.com - Thanks!

  2. Bronte says:

    I do love those washcloths. Now I’m just going to have to get pregnant so that you knit me some!

  3. Donna B says:

    What patterns did you use? I love the little feet and the tumbling blocks. I want to knit them!!! :-) I can see we do have the same taste in some things!

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting….my handsome triangle lace is with two-ply BFL handspun, koolaid-dyed. Glad you like it!

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