I have a few bits and pieces to share with you - nothing that really amounts to a complete post, but they all add up to one I hope :-D

We spent Sunday in Bath with my Neil’s mum and her husband. The weather was perfect and we watched the sunset from the train windows at 10pm on our way home! A bit of a change from the constant rain.


We went on a walking tour of the city, visited the Roman Baths and explored some of the parks and gardens. We ate twice ate Sally Lunn’s where the food was just awesome!



Roman spinning artifacts

- - - - -

I have another finished object:


This is my own design, using handspun BFL from Fyberspates. The pattern will be a free download from Spindle and Wheel in the next issue - out this Sunday.

- - - - -

Lindsey has nominated me for a ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger’ award. I now officially rock! ;-) Thanks Lindsey!

I can’t remember who has not been nominated for this or not - and I know most of the people I’d like to pick are taken (like Bronte and Kay) So I’ll just make three nominations: Anne, Heather and Daisy who all regularly make me smile and feel inspired :-D You rock girls!

- - - - -

Last but not least, it’s my mum’s birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! :-D

4 Responses to “What’s happening today…”
  1. Anne says:

    Awww! Thank you! And Happy Birthday Diane’s Mum!

  2. Heather says:

    Congrats on being nominated and thanks for nominating me! I shall be very big-headed now :-)

    Happy birthday to your Mum, hope she has a fantastic day.

  3. Amanda Cathleen says:

    Congrats on being nominated girl! That is a lovely one lovely hat :-)
    Happy Birthday to your Mum

  4. Carrie K says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Wow, that is some gorgeous bath. Those Roman’s really knew what they were doing, didn’t they?

    Cute hat!

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