And hence no Spin-a-Long today :-(

I will have it up as soon as I get my big box full of silk hankies and other exciting stuff.

Photo entries for SSAL #3 - Turkish Knot are due 9am tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Postal Strike!”
  1. MoonRani says:

    I would lose my mind if the postal service went on strike in America, no doubt about it. I hope yours won’t last long.

  2. Daisy (Katie) says:

    Are you still working at Stash? I’ll be in London 21-28th July, although I’m doing a course some of that time!! WOuld be great to meet up!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Oh no! Stupid posties. My hankies came last week, so here I am all ready to go… :-) Although I have plenty of other crafty stuff to keep me busy in the meantime, I will say!

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