Two nights ago I cast on a sock on double pointed needles. I know! It’s amazing. I have never knitted a sock on dpns, In fact, I have only made something with dpns about once in my life (not including i-cord and classes) and that was about 12 years ago.

So why the change? It’s all about the flight next week. I’m┬áhoping that my teeny, unobtrusive bamboo dpns will get through security and be allowed to entertain me for at least some of our 23-hours in the air.

It feels kind of weird - there seems to be needles sticking out at me everywhere, but I’m not getting ladders (phew) and I haven’t yet pulled out the wrong needle by mistake (fingers crossed). I really only cast on early to make sure I could actually do it :-P and my sock can rest now until we leave next Saturday (sorry about the no photos but it’s secret gifty knitting).

I will remain a magic loop girl, it just seems easier to me (and more familiar I guess). What’s your preference? Do you absolutely always use either circs or dpns for your socks? And why? What do you recommend to new sock knitters and if you’re teaching someone what method do you show them?

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  1. Ali says:

    Hee. You taught me with 2 circs, but I’ve since tried knitting a tube with 4 DPNs and I’m not sure I like it. Maybe it was because I was using the really short DPNs and I didn’t feel confident with them.

    I do want to learn to use Magic Loop, and I’ve taught Chantelle with 2 circs simply because I like the security of the circulars - nothing’s going to slip off once you pull the cables through!

  2. Glenna says:

    Regular metal DPNs are my usual preference but I use bamboo DPNs for flying for just the same reason! And have not once been stopped. I have even received jealous looks from fellow flyers waiting in the same lounge that *I* took knitting through security and got to knit while I waited ;)

  3. Kai says:

    DPN’s, Circs, whichever come into my hands first. :)
    I learnt on DPN’s though, and I think that to teach someone, I would probably start with them and then show how much easier it is with circs!!! :D

  4. Diane says:

    Kai you are evil!

    You’re going to be the kind of mum that says “doing it the hard way builds character” :-P

  5. Mum says:

    Didn’t your own Mum make you learn things the hard way - and what’s wrong with your character?

    Can’t you use bamboo circs on the plane? What will happen if you drop a dpn and it rolls under the seat?

  6. Fi says:

    I flew to Denmark a couple of years ago with bamboo DPNs and they wouldn’t let them on the plane :( I am convinced it’s down to whoi is on the desk at check in. I probably shouldn’t have fessed up!

    I’m a DPN girl, I’ve never had any trouble with them, I recently learned the magic loop and while it was OK I found myself fighting with the cable a lot and getting in a tangle, I find both methods equally fiddly for the first few rows.

  7. amanda cathleen says:

    your pipie ripple socks are beautiful! Love the pattern, just might have to get it ;-)
    I love, and prefer, to knit socks on 5 dpns. I’ve tried the 2 circ method and magic loop, both put to much strain on my hands while turning the heel of the sock. Doesn’t madder if its a short row heel or a flap heel. Also I knit faster using dpns, using the circs you have to drop one needle to pick up another. Slows me right down. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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