This project has been lurking out of sight a bit as it was destined for a friend who reads this blog. It’s safe now so I give you …

Quickie Cowl #2

Cowl 2

The first one of these I made for Kate to keep her warm while I sunned myself on the beach this Christmas. I will probably make another one before long, it’s such a great pattern.

Written by Fawn Pea, it takes one skein of Misti Alpaca 100% baby alpaca bulky, although I’ve seen people on Ravelry knitting it in all sorts of things and they all look great. It’s a really fast knit and prefect for a short-notice gift - as long as it’s winter-time!

Cowl 2

The pattern has you casting on, casting off and seaming the tube with mattress stitch. When I made Kate’s I thought the seam was a bit bulky so decided to graft this one for a perfect seamless finish. Famous last words.

There is garter stitch (not too scary) and there is 3×2 ribbing (freaky). Luckily there are only 38 sts and I persevered. There are at least four mistakes, all of which I hope are practically un-noticable. If you want to graft this, I recommend reading up on grafting ribbing first, I think Ruth may have a tutorial somewhere.

6 Responses to “100% Snuggly”
  1. mrspao says:

    That’s a lovely gift :)

  2. Kay Anne says:

    Periwinkle-coloured! How pretty.

  3. cairi says:

    does this mean I am safe to post up thank you piccies and gush about my socks that i totally opened before christmas LOL I was scared to incase Kate scolded me for being such a child and opening my present ;) hehee

  4. Carrie K says:

    It looks comfy and smooshy and gorgeous. Quick too?

  5. amanda cathleen says:

    Looks super cozy! And I love the color too. Wonderful gift.
    Glad to hear you had a great flight!

  6. MoonRani says:

    Gorgeous, sophisticated color, simply luxurious feel, toasty warmth - - what more could one ask?! This cowl loves its new home in the USA, and its owner loves it. :D

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