Designing for publication can be an immensly long and drawn-out process. A design can often be rejected by several sources before finally finding a home and each new venture is taken separately, as almost all publications have a no-simultaneous-submissions policy (and fair enough too).


This beret has visited a few editors over the past year and I have been waiting impatiently for a chance to share it with you. The contrasting sections are formed sideways using short-rows and then it all comes together with a 3-needle bind-off and a picked up band. I used my own silk/merino handspun and Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for the contrast sections.


Check it out now over at Spindle and Wheel, and make sure you have a look at the other fab stuff Allena has found for this issue as well!

(P.S. doesn’t Michelle make a great model!)

3 Responses to “A new design”
  1. Kai says:

    cool hatsy!!! :)

  2. Kate says:

    Good to see it’s finally found a home. :-)

  3. Jacqui says:

    Cool hat and yes Michelle does make a great model:-)

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