Something in which I do NOT take after my mother. I love the idea of big gardens and growing things but mostly stuff just dies ;-) The only thing I have been successful with is my herb garden back home, which I really miss. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to start one here on my balcony.


These are some of mum’s vegetable gardens. The netting is there to keep the chooks out, who otherwise have free run of the garden. This bed at the front has been planted with carrots, celery, brussels sprouts and some other stuff which I can’t remember, and mulched to help retain moisture.


Scampers the guinea pig keeps the grass down on the paths, behind him are the beds being prepared for climbers like peas.


My hands go nowhere near the soil, in case of plant-assassination, but I carried buckets of worm poo and untangled netting :-D I think these are cabbage seedlings mum’s planting here.




And just cause they’re cute - some chooks.

While I was home we had several meals which were almost completely composed of home-grown produce (including some yummy roast goat), it is so satisfying to be able to just pop out and pick whatever you fancy eating. The vegies mum planted while I was home will mostly be ready towards the end of winter and will provide nearly all they need for the season, plus plenty to freeze and preserve as well.

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  1. Kai says:

    Ahhh, self-sufficiency. That’s where Ollie & I want to be in a few years.. we shall see!

  2. Jan (old) says:

    I knew your Mum and I would get on. Her veg garden is perfect. I have seeds of chives, basil and parsley coming up and if they survive I shall give you some in pots. Also have mad mint.

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