My selveges are rubbish, it’s measuring 7 1/4 inches instead of eight, I’m not quite getting a balanced weave… but - I LOVE it :-D


I have warped up for four waschloths (assuming I figured out the maths correctly) and I can imagine myself using them forever in spite of all the imperfections just because they will be my first ever weaving and therefore very, very special.


I’ve never understood the reasoning of people who say they need to use cheap yarn to learn on and save the ‘proper’ special yarn for when they are good at something. I don’t have my first knitting or my first spinning, I really wish I did as I know I would treasure it. The first anything is so exciting that surely you want to keep it, use it, look at it every day until it wears out. You’re not going to do that if you choose cheap manky acrylic to learn on.

Just my two cents :-D

6 Responses to “First Weaving!”
  1. Kate says:

    I can’t believe you’re really going to *use* them! :-)

    I don’t remember my very first knitting project, but I remember my first lace and, of course, my first socks. If I’d knitted them with nasty unwearable yarn, they never would have worn out, mind you… :-P

  2. Kai says:

    Cool! :)

    Glad you’re loving it!

    My first knits were a LONG time ago and it was all acrylic. My come-back-to-knitting recently knit was a cotton and then acrylic and then alpaca.. but I love them all. :)

    My first spinning in Merino, and that is special. :)

  3. Ali says:

    Heh. True dat.

    All my first knitting samples when I was learning stitch patterns were knitted in Pear Tree Yarn 8 ply Merino, as that was what the knitting class was given, and I still have those samples in the bottom drawer of my bedside table. They’re kinda sweet, tho I wish I’d got some good quality cotton - Peaches & Creme, where art thou? - and made dishcloths instead!

  4. Soo says:

    Brilliant stuff! You’re going to be a loom goddess in no time!

  5. Joanne says:

    I agree with you–there’s just no reason to start with acrylic. I love seeing people’s faces light up when I hand them a hank of handspun acrylic or a fine wool. Ohh, they say. They never realized it could feel THIS soft. I don’t actually think it would be so very hard to wean people off of acrylic if they were exposed to the good stuff at affordable prices!

  6. Sandrine Tricofolk says:

    Wonderfull ! I’ve made my first “real” weaving on my kromski rigid heddle loom a few weeks ago. It’s a nice little loom for beginning :)

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