There is nothing so cute and exciting (I have decided) than a little goat (actually, newborn baby goats are about the cutest thing in the world but we’ll get to that later). These girls are less than a year old and just arrived (part of a flock of 19) at the farm.


One of them is mine :-D and will be called Daisy when mum has picked her out for me. There will be first fleece in August, and baby goats sometime next year (squee!)


ETA: Kathy Sue asked what kind of goats they are - they’re angoras, which means the fleece we get will be mohair. They’re a great fibre animal, being small and docile, and very prolific - a good return on your investment!

7 Responses to “Little Goats!”
  1. Pixie says:

    Aww cute, I love goats and would love to have one or more lol..
    I love the name Daisy too..

  2. Aberdonian says:

    *squee* They truly are the cutest goats!

  3. Yogicknitter says:

    Oh I want one too! Love them they are just so cute with all their shaggy hair in their eyes.

  4. Kathy Sue says:

    Way too cute!! But what kind of goat are they? Or, what kind of fiber do they make? Very soft-looking and long makes it less scratchy, right?

  5. Sue says:

    Those are beautiful girls! I used to have two nanny Angoras: Knitty and Purl. Purl gave me a wonderfully strong and curly haired buck one spring that I named Mo-Buck. Unfortunately, I had to sell all 3 of them when we moved to the city. :( BUT I still have some of Knitty’s mohair and know a place to get the most beautiful colored mohair!
    Thanks for posting about your goat. Please let us know more when you get her.

  6. Amy says:

    Oh! They are beautiful. Mohair locks are a lot of fun to dye. When you come to Colorado, we’ll go visit Liz’s goats and spin on the porch while watching the goats play. Oh, I better go tell Liz of this plan.

  7. Carrie K says:

    Look at my future skeins, all babies! They are so cute.

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