… of birthday presents, are the ones you forgot all about :-D

I have no problem with gifts arriving late, it’s like having another birthday all over again! A couple of days ago a package arrived from across the pond. Large package revealed several smaller packages (Amanda likes her tissue!).


And smaller packages revealed some scrummy Spunky fibre, the last EZ book needed for my collection, choccies for eating while reading and spinning and … * faint * … Koigu Socks!!


My first ever Koigu socks. They fit perfectly, and they are made from the perfectest colour of koigu :-D Thank you Amanda!! (Did I mention she designed the pattern herself?)


How many times can I wear koigu socks before I have to take them off and wash them…?

7 Responses to “The best kind”
  1. elizabeth says:

    Several times, I think, and they dry quickly. What a fabulous package!!!

  2. Carole says:

    When they begin to ? - I guess. They are gorgeous.
    I am really impressed with all of you clever people out there creating such wonderful patterns.

  3. Moggle says:

    Probably weeks! What fab socks.

  4. Daisy says:

    Those are truly awesome socks!

  5. damon says:

    Yes, it’s great to get late birthday presents.
    How late is too late though? Is after Christmas pushing it?

    Socks you can wear as long as you like.


  6. Amanda Cathleen says:

    I’m so glad to hear that your enjoying your package so much! Yep. I do love my tissue! :)

  7. Vanessa Hubbard says:

    You don’t take them off - you wear them in the bath a la Yarn Harlot!

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