Although not in the way you might think.There were three parcels waiting for me when I arrived at work this morning. Three!

The first contained this which I ordered yesterday at about lunchtime. Go Amazon!

The second:


A pile of grey Polwarth, some kid mohair and camel to play with and the Easter Bunny popped by too :-D Thanks ever so mum xxx

The third was my fibre order from the US:


This is the first time I’ve ordered from Lisa Souza and I am very impressed. The colours match exactly to those on the webpage, the service was prompt and she kept me informed on the status of my order through several emails. That’s 2 hanks of BFL in Deep Sea, and 1 of superwash merino in Mardi Gras.

Methinks some spinning is in order for tonight!

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  1. Happy YARNS says:

    Wondered what the Lisa Souza would be like, the colours are really be-jewelled. Look forward to seeing how it spins up.

  2. Kai says:

    hmm… I can’t believe I’ve missed so many of your posts… stupid me forgot to update my Sage blogroll.. :(

    Anyway.. some lovely, lovely fibre there!! *eyes sparkle* Can’t wait to see what you produce from it… :)

  3. Monika says:

    Hi Diane,

    It was just yesterday that we spoke and i must say i really enjoyed chatting to you. If i’d have known you had been ordering yarns, i think i would end up chatting till the shop closed - LOL!!

    Anyway i really like the cute socks and i must say having seen version 2 of the koigu scarf i’m thinking to come back in a get a second hank to send my aunt, i’d love to do it myself, but not so hot with crocheting YET.

    I think you have a wealth of knowledge in the yarn and knitting department and am grateful for you showing me the cable cast on, i ended up starting it last night and then did a single row, but i got the hang of it quickly and it didn’t take long.

    Look forward to coming by the shop and chatting some more, maybe knitting some too. :-)

  4. Carrie K says:

    Lisa Souza is great! She’s local to me too.

    Wow, nice haul!

  5. Holly says:

    Lisa Souza is a favorite of mine and she has a bunch of new colorways…am sitting on the credit card until DH can hide it!

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