This has been on my wheel:


BFL Halo from The Natural Dye Studio, in Candyfloss. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this fibre?? It’s squidgy and fluffy and puffs up like you wouldn’t believe when you wind it off the bobbin. This is part of a Very Secret Project, but I’ll be able to show you soon.

More pink:


Alice hosted a swap night at Socktopus on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to grab me a skein of Koigu. It was the only thing I swapped, but it doesn’t take much to make me happy (koigu will do that) so I came home very satisfied.

And since pink seems to be the theme around here, I will mention that yesterday while I was spinning I realised that the sweater that I was wearing (it has been seriously sweater weather here) almost exactly matched the yarn I was spinning. I seem to have definitely made it beyond blue.

But just to prove that all is not lost, this is what I’m about to cast on. Yep, blue.


Have a great weekend, I’m off to Norfolk for the Socktopus Lucy Neatby Retreat - I’m so excited! There will be a Spin-In, but I will post it late Sunday night or early on Monday, depending on when I get back. (ETA: in a stroke of genius, I have figured out how to post-date a blog entry. All being well, the Spin-In will appear at 9am on Sunday).


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