Last Saturday a friend of mine came over for a lesson, and, since she’s absolutely brilliant, and was feeling sorry for me in my sick-ridden state, she brought me a present. She was heading off to NYC for a couple of weeks for work, and she left with me her new drumcarder - yay!

So I grabbed the pile of this:


that I had sitting around waiting for just such an opportunity (Oatmeal BFL and Alpaca/Silk, both from P&M). And had an awful lot of fun making these:


They’re only 30g each and I have about 10 more to do! But it’s loads of fun. Then I started digging through boxes and found these:


which seemed to match in a rather meant-for-each-other kind of way. On the left is some NDS Halo, and dyed tussah silk on the right. I made this:


I can see why people get very excited about their drum-carders! There has been more being fed through it, but that’s all I have photos of for now. Sadly, my suspicion that I have no space to have one permanently has been borne out. The borrowed one is living in a highly inconvenient corner of the living room atm and I can’t see it becoming a long-term fixture.

- - - - -

While not carding luscious batts, I have been busy at the wheel. I was all set to launch into the main spinning for the Deep-V Argyle, but I decided, when I was ill, that I needed to spoil myself so I dug out a bump of Oceanwind knits from the Christmas pile and thought I’d just ‘quickly spin up’ some luxury merino. Famous last words.

I spent the last two weeks working exclusively on this project, and only the sheer delight of this fibre has kept me from ditching it in the middle. Here’s some:


I just spent two hours plying it. I haven’t skeined it off and measured the yardage yet, but I’d guess it’s somewhere in the region of 500m. It will be a shawl, and I am pretty sure it will be as much like heaven to knit as it was to spin.

- - - - -

Tomorrow is the Road Trip to P&M Woolcraft - double yay! There’s a bunch of us going, there will be cookies, and fibre to squidge, and new bobbins so I can spin five different things at a time! Have a great weekend, I’ll see you on Sunday.

6 Responses to “A New Toy!”
  1. Jewel says:

    Pretty! I can’t wait to see the shawl.

  2. Carie says:

    Oh so pretty - the alpaca silk blend looks like humbugs!

  3. Faith says:

    OK, so now I want to run straight over to my drum carder and spend the rest of the day doing nothing but making batts. Thanks for that.

    Seriously though, your blended batts are gorgeous!! Totally yummy. Fiber is so much fun. :)

  4. Daisy says:

    Enjoy P & M! I love the pics - they look good enough to squeeze from here!

  5. Marianne says:

    whay yummy treats! I have just got myself an ashford carder and have produced one batt weighing 50 grammes, made out of two smaller batts. I brushed it with my hand carders to compress it. Another addiction! ho hum!

  6. Moggle says:

    The bfl/alpaca/silk batt looks GORGEOUS!

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