I can’t get over this yarn. Squishy to begin with, it is even more so after plying and a nice bath. It stretches at least 15-20% of its length again, and springs back again, Sproing!


Sadly, It’s supposed to be a big, thick cosy hat and I really don’t think it’s going to be cold enough again to need it. (This would not be the first time I started a winter project in February and then shelved it cause it didn’t get finished in time. Or the second for that matter).


Fibre: Oceanwind Knits Merino, colour ‘Galvanized’ from Socktopus.
Spin style: Short forward draw with twist in the drafting zone, not smoothed down (pretty much my default no-think spinning method), 3-ply.
Yardage: Sorry, haven’t measured it yet - I will though.

- - - -

Yarn is not the only thing I’ve finished this week:


The last pair of Sock(topus) Club Socks were jinxed for me - I ripped back half a sock at one point because of a HUGE mistake that I failed to notice for about four hours of knitting. Then, I made them too short and had to rip out the toes and reknit them. Finally they’re done though - before the deadline, woot!


Pattern: Tear my Sole (with some adaptations) by Louisa Sisson
Yarn: Hazelknits Artisan Sock in ‘Sugar Maple’ (love love love this yarn!)

4 Responses to “Squoodge!”
  1. Ulrika says:

    Love the yarn. It’ll make a really great hat. You should make the hat and then go somewhere cold just to get some use of it. It’s a good excuse to go travelling if nothing else……

  2. dudleyspinner says:

    What kind of wheel is that? It looks like the crank is in two pieces like my Ashford Traditional that had a two piece crank orginally. Nice yarn, very squishy, I like it.

  3. elizabeth says:

    I really like that sock pattern! The yarn is yummy too.

    Save the hat project for the dead of summer when you want something small to work on - it’ll help you remember that it’ll be cold again!

  4. yuvee says:

    Oh the gorgeousness….I think I’ll help myself to some of those tomorrow!
    Love the socks too, think I’ll do mine without the back pattern too.

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