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I’ve been having lots of fun today…



Has become this:


It was really fast, being a nice chunky singles.

I also made this:


Which is a sample for a project I have in mind to use up lots of pink not-going-to-be-laceweight.

And then I did this: 


This is a silk/merino blend from Wingham which I bought at Skip North. I just thought I’d have a play and see what it came out like, then suddenly I had two bobbins full and it was 11:30 :-D I adore the way the different greens mingle together and then the white silk shoots strikingly through the yarn. I planned this to be a singles yarn and spun it nice and thick from the fold, but then I happened to see it kink back on itself and I was lost. This is going to be awesome as a 2-ply, I believe the technical term is ’squoodgy’, I added a bit more twist after that and will ply it up tomorrow morning.

And finally, I have been knitting industriously away at the Blue Sky Shrug this weekend and the end is finally in sight! Should be done in time to wear it in France :-D


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