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My selveges are rubbish, it’s measuring 7 1/4 inches instead of eight, I’m not quite getting a balanced weave… but - I LOVE it :-D


I have warped up for four waschloths (assuming I figured out the maths correctly) and I can imagine myself using them forever in spite of all the imperfections just because they will be my first ever weaving and therefore very, very special.


I’ve never understood the reasoning of people who say they need to use cheap yarn to learn on and save the ‘proper’ special yarn for when they are good at something. I don’t have my first knitting or my first spinning, I really wish I did as I know I would treasure it. The first anything is so exciting that surely you want to keep it, use it, look at it every day until it wears out. You’re not going to do that if you choose cheap manky acrylic to learn on.

Just my two cents :-D

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