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Just a quick one to let you know that there are a couple of new classes posted for this year, including new beginner dates as many of the classes have filled up. Check them out here on the classes page.

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I’d love to talk about Iknit, but I have no photos, and really the day is a bit of a blur! I helped Alice out on the Socktopus stand and we were completely swamped from the minute the doors opened to the time the Yarn Harlot started her presentation. I caught up with loads of people, including many I hadn’t met before ‘in the flesh’ and it was a great day - in spite of the mayhem :-)

As I said, I took no photos, but if you want to see a hilarious one of me then pop over to Dots and Yarns.


P.S. News of the day - you can also catch me in the current issue of Spin-Off, hitting shelves this week. The thrill of seeing your name in print never wears out!

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