ssal4jpg.jpgOr, plying from an Andean Bracelet

I spin a lot of samples. For articles, photo shoots, to test out an idea or to find the best twist amount or wheel ratio. Being of a fairly unenergetic persuasion, I quickly tracked down a way of getting my short samples plied up without having to resort to spinning little bits on many bobbins and constantly unscrewing the flyer on my wheel …

For the whole tutorial click here

Thank you to everyone who has sent in entries for Crinkle Cut (it’s not too late). I will be drawing the winner at 9:00am tomorrow, and the gallery will be up soon so you can see everyone’s work.

SSAL #3 will be a quickie as I want to squeeze it in before I go on holidays later this month, SSAL #4 is a while away but I was thinking maybe silk hankies :-D I’ll let you know in plenty of time what you’ll need.

Happy Spinning!

3 Responses to “SSAL #2: It’s all in the Wrist”
  1. Mum says:

    Well done, you’ve obviously been taught well!

  2. Fi says:

    I am having a spinning wheel lesson tomorrow (all being well) And the friend (she’s the partner of my music teacher, I had no idea she was a spinner until recently) letting me loose on her wheel has also got a big bag of fleece for me from her Mum. I am very overexcited :o). Hopefully I’ll have time for the SSAL next time, this month rather got away from me.

  3. Needles on the Move » Singing in the rain says:

    [...] Spain having created a bit of a backlog in the ‘things to do’ I have decided to give everyone another week on SSAL #2. Entries are now due on the 2nd, #3 should be up this Sunday. [...]