1. Gather essential supplies:


Essential supplies which do not appear in this picture: newspaper, syringes. I spent a long time looking for newspaper - normally there are piles everywhere, right? There wasn’t even any out in the hall where the mail for the last 73 residents mounts up rapidly between periodical cleanouts. I eventually found some packing paper in the recycle bag. The syringes I replaced with teaspoons (now clearly labelled ‘not for stirring tea’).

2. Layer as follows: protective newspaper scrounged packing paper, plastic wrap, … damn, forgot to soak the hankies. Okay, I was doing this at the end of the day running on very little sleep from the night before.

2. Soak stuff you plan to dye in water and vinegar for 1 hour as long as you can bear to wait.

3. Layer as follows: protective newspaper scrounged packing paper, plastic wrap, hankies.


4. Paint on the dye using a syringe teaspoon.

5. Roll up into a neat cooking parcel.

6. Zap in microwave.


7. Admire :-D

The roving was even more fun than the hankies. Roving being prone to felt if not carefully handled, I decided to leave it to cool absolutely before I rinsed it. Having decided that no harm could be done by just gently having a poke at it in its cocoon, I unwrapped it a bit and decided it hadn’t been cooked long enough. So (very gently of course) it was rewrapped and bunged back in the microwave. Then I thought I’d better be sure so I dropped it in the sink and ran hot water through it. It came out fine ;-)

8. Shop for proper equipment (lol).

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  1. Veronika says:

    You’re a right teaser…. I’m still waiting for my fibre! I always thought I might be the only one using old spoons as opposed to ‘professional’ equipment, hahaha. We use the same vinegar and exactly the same clingfilm, small world…
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog by the way, it gets a bit lonely on brand new blogs, lol.

  2. Carrie K says:


  3. Amanda Cathleen says:

    I love how there is glass of wine in your photo of essential supplies! Your finished hankies and roving a loverly! Can’t wait to see how they spin up :-)

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