The never-ending socks are finally finished. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get cool photos of socks? I need to borrow some feet - I may have to wait a few days to get a couple of shots that I like. Then they’ll be posted here with the pattern.

Why never-ending? Well for a start, Socks That Rock Mediumweight comes in a ridiculously big skein. Maybe giants have feet that need 5 1/2 oz worth of sock - but I certainly don’t. But given that STR is so scrummy, I figured why not make the most of it - socks can be long, after all.

So I divided my skein in half and started at the toe and knitted. And knitted… and knitted. Eventually I gave up. I stopped the first sock somewhat short of the knee and still had enough yarn left to probably knit a small hat. Then I started the second sock. Halfway through the leg I was swearing at myself under my breath for making the first one so b*^”*y long.

They did finally get done, however, thanks to several episodes of House and a couple of Heroes. Mindless knitting at its best. The pattern will be a freebie and I’ll have it ready this weekend. Would you like a short-row tutorial along with it? I seem to have some matching sock yarn left over…

- - - -

One the new knitting front, I’ve started knitting up the emerald handspun I posted about here. It’s going to be a basic feather and fan scarf - nothing special, but I really wanted to show off the subtle colour changes in the yarn. So far I like it, although I’m hoping it will block out to be a bit more airy.

Emerald Ripple

This yarn/scarf is also set to become famous very shortly. It will be an integral part of the Big Project. I am busting to tell you all about it but have to keep mum for a few more days. Secret-business-partner and I will be meeting on Monday and if all goes well we will be telling the world :-D

Until then, happy knitting.

5 Responses to “Busy Needles”
  1. Kay Anne says:

    That handspun is just gorgeous.

  2. Jeanne says:

    The handspun scarf is beautiful!

  3. Ali says:

    Yay for feather-and-fan! :)

    That is some lovely blues and greens there. It can have my red firecracker Koigu feather-and-fan scarf for company. ;)

  4. MoonRani says:

    Another secret? Agh, you know how I suffer when I have to wait - - *wait* - - WAIT - - for news!
    (I am *not* impaitient!) ;)
    Oh, well, your secrets are good ones, so I’ll wait and behave.
    I love the colors in this project. They seem Aegean, somehow.

  5. amanda cathleen says:

    can’t wait to see your STR socks! I love the huge skeins, I can get a pair of socks for me and for one of the kids. (its the nerd in me that love the matchy-matchy!)
    That scarf is going to be an eye turner, the colors are beautiful!

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