A little while I muscled in on a hat swap that Kate and Cairi had organised. A three-people swap. Three people is fun - you know who you’re knitting for, you can have in-depth discussions on what type and colour of yarn should be used, and can make final careful decisions on pattern detail (You really want seed stitch? You’re sure? Really…).

Kate is a super fast knitter and had my French Beret finished and ready for me to wear at Ally Pally. It’s a Louisa Harding pattern and knitted in Fiddlesticks Country Silk. Read all about Kate’s picot adventures here…

I drew Cairi out of the proverbial hat (beret?) and she chose Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard. I had the perfect colour of Malabrigo in my stash so off I went.



Zoe happened to conveniently be around when I needed pictures and obliged with a nice smile.

This is a great pattern, well-written, quick to knit and with plenty of notes about possible changes or variations in slouchiness. I am seriously thinking of making one for me - or maybe just pinching this one and pretending to Cairi that it got eaten by the cat/hit by a bus/burnt up in a volcanic eruption before I could get a chance to post it to her. She’d never know.

- - - -

Oh, and we’re finally rewired (Yay!) so expect more. And I’ll try and deliver.

And please go and look at my photos - I am having awesome fun!

4 Responses to “Le Slouch de Cairi”
  1. Kay Anne says:

    Love the hat! And mmm, Malabrigo–bet it feels fantastic, too.

  2. cairi says:

    I wouldnt know would I hmmm your a sneaky one LOL ;)

    it looks great!! I WAS nearly finished kates last night then at 12, I looked and I had missed out a bead row ARRRRRRRRR so I have had to frog right back and I am currently pacing round it pouting ;)

  3. Bronte says:

    Tres chic! We will all three have very snug heads this year. :-)

  4. Lindsey says:

    Ooh, lovely. What a fun little swap! I’m quite impressed that you managed to get it off Zoe’s head….it looks quite good on her and she seems pretty pleased to be wearing it. Of course, it will look smashing on Cairi, so I can’t wait to see that! :-)

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