5 years ago this minute (well, not counting change of time zone) I was sitting around in my pyjamas with a gaggle of bridesmaids, my mum, my sister and a make-up artist running around. By 4pm I was a married lady.


Neil and I have actually been together for about 12 years, we held off getting married while I finished university and we settled down to what we wanted to do with our lives. He proposed to me on the beach in Penang when we went there on holidays in 2002. I don’t think he got down on one knee, but it was still pretty romantic.

We had a very traditional church wedding, I have sung in a church choir for many years and the choristers formed a guard of honour for us at the doors of the church. There was also a crowd turned up from the primary school I was teaching at at the time - kids love to see their teachers getting married.

The last five years have been reasonably uneventful. The purchase of our first home was the first major event, and the second was leaving it to live overseas and expand our horizons a little. Major event number three is still on the cards but no date being set as yet!

In general, we have rubbed along together very comfortably. He sits at the computer and games, I sit on the couch and ply whatever craft is absorbing me at the time. We don’t really need to talk, except a few words here and there, and although he complains when I burst into speech after hours or days have elapsed since the first part of the conversation, I know he actually can read my mind and it’s all an act really.

Happy Anniversary Neil  xx

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  1. Mum says:


    How could we forget - and why didn’t you drop a subtle hint or two?

    lots of love.

  2. Kai says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Neil!! :)

    All the best wishes possible… K.x

  3. carole Key says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both it was great to have you visit for a weekend.

  4. Ali says:


    Happy Anniversary!

  5. amanda cathleen says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful post :-)

  6. Carrie K says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. carole says:


  8. Moggle says:

    Happy Aniversary!

  9. Jan says:

    Brilliant. Wot a clever pair (and I am not referring to all the socks you knit).

  10. Fi says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Kay Anne says:

    Happy happy! Enjoy the glow.

  12. DaD says:

    Was so happy to see you both again after so long forgot your aniversary, SO HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!!!!! Keep sitting your dreams on the horizon and walking toward them. Love you both.

  13. knittymama says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I just popped over after reading your article in Knitty. It was very helpful. Lovely blog too!!!

  14. MoonRani says:

    What a lovely post! Many congratulations to you both! According to traditional anniversary gifts in the USA, your fifth year is for wood(en) gifts. I don’t know what form this could take for you. Perhaps you could give one another trees….

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