No time to write much now, I’m off to spinning group :-D Have a great day!


I’ll give you the recipe later, in the meantime you could look here.

3 Responses to “Happy Australia Day!”
  1. Kate says:

    Lamingtons! I’ve never eaten one. :-( Growing up basing my entire knowledge of Australia on episodes of Neighbours, they were always baking Lamingtons. Now I think they’re too busy having explosions. But definitely remember them baking Lamingtons. And that’s what they are. :-)

  2. Kai says:

    Happy Australia Day to you too! :) Thanks for the cake..

  3. DaD says:

    Had a good Australia Day Weekend. Had to take a day off for that. Had nothing to do with me though, some Britts landed here couple hundred years ago and claimed the place as a nation. Starting it off with some free people and some convicts (someone had to be here to watch the convicts I guess) Did a jod for a mate. Had a lamb sandwich for lunch. Went to a flag raising. Battled through some questions about Australia, trying to win a prize. (When was federation?
    Who invented the HILLS Hoist?
    List 6 uses for a length of fencing wire? ahhhh fencingggggggg ummm) Well you get the gist of Australia Day weekend. Lots of barbeques, Fosters, VB’s etc.

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