yarn1.JPGYesterday, after she’d finished drooling over the new Koigu, Nathalie said, “So what are you going to make with yours?” I stared back at her blankly. “It’s Koigu. I don’t need to make anything with it. It’s just Koigu.”

Did I mention that the ‘rarely’ in ‘I rarely buy any stash without a project in mind’ applies pretty much exclusively to Koigu ;-)

However, as the potential risk of being smothered by the Koigu stash is becoming apparant, if not imminent (and I’m not the only one), I have decided to compile a list of uses for this most divine of yarns.

I will begin with what I have done with Koigu so far…

1. Little Fair Isle gift bags

2. Swallowtail shawl

3. Bronte’s Mitts

4. Crochet scarves #1 and #2

5. Take it home and put it in a vase on the bookshelf

And places I have seen Koigu used …

6. Stranded into a cardigan as an accent around cuffs and band

7. Gypsy shawl

8. Flower Basket shawl

9. Charlotte’s Web shawl

10. Socks

11. Endpaper Mitts

Please feel free to contribute, ideas that really rock my boat will receive a small prize :-D

5 Responses to “101 uses for Koigu”
  1. cairi says:

    I think the Goddess pattern by stitchdiva designs would be stunning in koigu *drools at the thought*

  2. CJ says:

    Lovely koigu stash. I think the koigu would look lovely as endpaper mitts - one solid colour, one koigu!! Looks like you had a nice time stateside, lucky you getting to visit all those yarn shops. :D

  3. Joanne says:

    I’m so glad you commented on my blog– I am fascinated by yours! I suspect if you reload my blog one more time, you might be able to see the mermaid scales. I have a bad habit of using large images, because I love clicking and seeing others’ pictures close up and big. Of course, it can make loading a problem sometimes!

    Glad to hear you like the adobe sunset yarn. It’s delicious. Honestly, if I didn’t have about 50 lbs of roving and many more skeins of yarn in the stash, I’d keep all the handspun..but then, there’d be no more room or $$ for new acquisitions!

    I’m glad you like the “non-fibery” stuff I write about. I decided that since people do feel awkward about customs/religion, it’s best to just be open about it. Since I started doing this, I’ve answered a lot of interesting questions, and it’s been mostly positive. That’s a good thing!

  4. Lindsey says:

    OK, it’s cheating on my part for not thinking of my own favourite pattern, but there’s a huge list of projects for 2 skeins of Koigu here: http://wendyknits.net/knit/koigupatterns.htm.

    I really should buy some of the stuff, shouldn’t I? I did find an LYS here that carries it, so I’ll have to go in sometime for a fondle. But like you, I pretty much always buy yarn for a specific project, so I’ll have to pick a project first! ;-)

  5. Amy says:

    How did your swallowtail turn out in Koigu? Did you use two skeins? Or more?

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