Finally another finished object. And another one! I am having a brief fling with amigurumi, thus the leftovers have become the Amigu-bear.


And to celebrate the coming of spring, and my new scarf, I had to get some easter eggs! Guaranteed by the girl in the cafe to be completely rockin’ chocolate.

Scarf stats: 2 skeins Koigu, 3.5mm hook, one flight to NYC and one arvo in the shop, pattern I’ll write up soon.

Bear stats: the golf-ball-sized leftovers and a pattern which is quickly disappearing from my head, I have a suspicion that if I try to repeat what I did I will fail miserably, but I’ll try! His scarf is the only use I have found so far for the Habu yarn I bought at Ally Pally and which turned out to be a complete b$^*er to knit with so is hidden in my stash drawer.

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12. Amigu-bears

13. Goddess pattern by stitchdiva (from Cairi)

14. Fair Isle baby cardigan (Nathalie’s doing that one - it’s gorgeous!)

2 Responses to “New Stuff”
  1. cairi says:

    CUTE!!! that bear is nice I wish I got crochet LOL!!! the scarf is really nice…and well what I think of the choccy eggs…that doesnt really need said :P

  2. Helen says:

    What a cute ickle bear!

    Good luck in your search :)

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