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4 Responses to “Spin! Series 1, no. 1 - Amy”
  1. Kate says:

    I’m going to be casting on for mine just as soon as I have my commercial yarn. :-) You look gorgeous. All ready for our lovely British winter. ;-)

  2. Joanne says:

    Congratulations! It looks fabulous. The photos look appealing and I can’t wait to hear how you do. (and remind me, I have a story for you about indie publishing this week!)

  3. janey says:

    Hi Diane, I’m the rude person who interupted your conversation on Sat at iknit by shouting ‘ooo I read your blog!’ I’m sorry I’m not usually like that (though I am always loud, so people tell me) but I was excited to see a blogger in the life! Then my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember what I had seen on your blog or anything! So I apologise again but I have never met a cyber celeb before and I don’t get out much!!

    Love the beret, I’m going to make some more hats this winter and I love berets so will def be looking at this pattern,

    Nice to meet ya!

  4. Yogicknitter says:

    What a lovely picture of you. Gorgeous.

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