This one landed today, as we’ve come over to visit Kai and Ollie in Germany for the weekend. It was very very hard to give up! But I don’t really live anywhere cold enough to have such a thick scarf.


The pink yarn is spun from Superwash BFL Halo from the Natural Dye Studio, colourway ‘candfloss’; The blue/gold yarn is spun from Allspunup Merino/Silk, colourway ‘Lunarsea’ (which, incidentally, I pinched from Kai, so it seems fair that it’s going back to her!)


The pattern is your standard 1×1 rib 2-row-stripe scarf. The two yarns were nowhere near the same thickness - think dk and heavy worsted - but it worked out fine. I used a slip-stitch edge, Alice showed me how, and I love the way it looks.


I will definitely be making another one of these, it’s a great way to use up smaller amounts of handspun - you just need to find two (or more!) coordinating colours :-D

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  1. Joanne says:

    What a pretty scarf! I love the slip stitch edge–once I started using it, I pop those instructions into practically everything I design. It makes such a neat and firm edge. Also, glad to hear you are mixing it up in terms of yarn weights…that is one of those tricks that produces beautiful knitwear but few people are brave about doing it!

  2. WiscJennyAnn says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! What a lucky recipient!

  3. elizabeth says:

    I know she loved it! You made me laugh - YOU don’t live anywhere cold enough to warrant such a thick scarf?!?! Try living in Alabama (that’s in the southern U.S.). Our temp right now is 60F and by Wednesday, it’ll be 73F. Yet, I’m keeping my scarf. Cause I’m selfish. :o)

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