Yay for Mobile Broadband!! (just wanted to start positive in case the BB gods are watching me and break my connection). I went with the only company that I could find that provides cover at my Mum’s, and their website claims ‘top-quality’ connection coverage and speeds out there. Hah. I walked around for half an hour today looking for a spot where my modem went blue and the coverage box registered more than one little blip. I did get three blips in the end, sitting on the steps of the shed (no blips inside the shed of course where there might be a table), and I got some photos uploaded and one tweet. I gave up in the end, and had a cup of tea instead. just now, I’ve hitched a ride into town with Mum while she has an appointment, and I’m sitting outside feeling connected to the world :-D

I’m not complaining though really, I knew it would be like this, and three blips on the steps is still better than dial-up! The cover is fine here in town too, and it was good where we were camping on the weekend, and I will be using the laptop in Melbourne as well. So still totally worth getting.

Oh, the camping? I have to get some pics from my sister’s camera, but here’s one to whet your appetites:

Margie at Venus Bay

I stayed a couple of days with my brother when I flew in, and caught up with some Melbourne friends and my Dad. Then on Saturday we drove down to Inverloch where the family were all gathered for the annual reunion. It was really nice to see everyone, most of them for the first time in years. My older brother was also over from NZ for the weekend so there was a big bunch of us. Sunday afternoon we drove over to Venus Bay where my in-laws have a holiday house to catch up with them. This shot is taken at the beach ten minutes’ walk from their place.

The area we were in was pretty untouched by fire, although very, very dry, but driving home on Monday we had a bit of shock as we went through here:


I can’t remember where it was, somewhere near Yarram I think. You can see that the leaves are all yellow on the trees - meaning that the fire was particularly hot and killed them all. Usually, bushfires only scorch eucalyptus trees and they regenerate quickly - they’re accustomed to it. If you look closely, you’ll see that a couple of the trees at the back have green tops still.

Up at the farm I’m nearly into a routine - work in the mornings and spinning/knitting/mum chat in the afternoons. The jetlag is over, thankfully! It was a rough couple of days to begin with after having almost no sleep on the plane. Mum has all sorts of things planned, including shearing the goats on Sunday! Just before we left just now to come to town, Mum’s friend turned up with some sheep and alpaca fleeces she’s ‘getting rid of’ woot! I think I might be putting together a box to send back to London by sea.

The whole time-difference thing is annoying me a bit - no point being wired if everyone’s asleep, and I feel a bit lonely (ok, put the violins away). I’m probably not going to bother much with Twitter therefore, but will still be around on ravelry, and checking email and blogging regularly. I’ll also be on Lingr as usual, although not till 8pm GMT, which is 7am for me and quite early enough!

Ciao! xx

4 Responses to “Wired! Kind Of.”
  1. Jo says:

    Good to see you have landed safely! And having a lovely time! I always assumed your other half was a Brit….but of course to assume makes an ass out of u and me….I should have just asked!

  2. Jewel says:

    What a beautiful place, its on my list of places I need to go. I wish I knew someone that was getting rid of wool (lucky you)!

  3. elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful beach! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hello hon
    Glad you arrived safely - I’ve been looking out for news! Have a great time. miss you already

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