I’ve been working in the mornings, and then taking the afternoons to spend with Mum and Margie and get loads of quality time in. It’s so nice to be able to sit and chat and knit and feel that there’s not many demands on us, even if it’s a case of doing housework together instead of knitting, it’s great to have the time. It’s funny too, I know there aren’t really any more hours in the day, but long daylight somehow tricks you into thinking that the afternoons last for ever. Why they have daylight saving I guess.

Most of the knitting time has been spent on this:


Very, very boring, and liable to end up full of mistakes if the tv program of the moment is too interesting. Only two more rows though, and I’m onto the stocking stitch. That I can do in my sleep thank goodness.

My aeroplane knitting (on knitpicks harmonys) was a Leyburn sock, I made it all the way to the heel before Hong Kong and I’ve knitted little bits and pieces since then while out and about.


It’s a really fast knit, I think several people have told me that. I’ll finish this one and then keep the second to cast on on the flight home.

Not my knitting, but still knitting, I had a fabulous surprise on Tuesday as Amanda had posted my parcel to my mum’s so I wouldn’t have to wait till I get back to London. She’s put so much thought and effort in as usual, I feel very spoilt!

The socks are knitted from yarn Amanda bought at SOAR when we met last year, very appropriate!


And they fit perfectly of course:


She also made me a cute little patchwork bag, just perfect for storing spinning in. There’s another pic of the outside on Flickr if you click an image. I just love the colours, and it makes me long for my sewing machine. Sadly, I don’t think I can fit in in my case to take back with me.


There was also the obligatory Hershey’s kisses, and a box of Girl Scout Cookies :-D I think Alan already ate those!

Everyone here is doing really well, Alan’s looking great compared to last year and has been getting out and about a lot. In fact, he and Margie are heading off tomorrow to help a crew replaces fences on a farm that suffered in the fires. They’ll be camping for a night, and are currently running around making sure they have enough corned beef and cookies to keep them sustained!

Mum has visitors coming tomorrow, a group of ladies who are working with her on a large stitching project. It’s connected to the Quaker Tapestry, which you can read more about on their website. Basically, Australia is working on their own version and tomorrow’s get-together is for planning and practice. Mum’s small group is one of many working all over Australia to each contribute one part.

On Saturday we are going to spinning group, and on Sunday the goats are being shorn - busy busy! Tomorrow I must get out to the shed and take photos of the free fleeces - I’ve only had the briefest of looks, but there’s some gold amongst the straw! I’ll share soon.

Ciao! x

5 Responses to “Lots of Knitting”
  1. susetheslowknitta says:

    sounds like you’re having a great time!
    I saw the Quaker tapestry in Kendal last year, it is stunning beautiful and a great testament to The Friends faith

  2. Arianne says:

    I’m loving all your socks! Especially those Leyburns. I really need to attempt socks at some point soon.

    And that patchwork bag is the cutest!

  3. Jewel says:

    Sounds like your having a great time and what a great gift! I would give anything to be doing housework with my mom. She pasted away over sixteen year ago and I feel like I have missed out on so much!

  4. Daisy says:

    Ooh sounds like you’re having a totally fab time. Have just added the Leyburns to my queue!

  5. Jan says:

    Both those socks look great. I made the nutkin ones last year. The Leyburn pattern looks easy too.

    Please check on the Australian government site. A petition was taken up last year re knitting on flights out of Australia but I don’t think anything has changed yet. No knitting is allowed in any airline service out of Australia at all or indeed, even on interstate flights. So you could well lose your knitting if you try to take it on board. That includes plastic needles. It’s a blanket ban, sorry for the pun.

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