Many things have happened since I last posted here, well that wouldn’t be hard given how long it’s been - sorry!

I have had intensive Pilates training through August and still pretty busy now, we had 13 tuition days in central London and plenty of homework in between. Tuition was followed by the Practical Assessment exam which I sat last Friday, basically to check that I’m safe to launch on the public for supervised teaching. I passed, so I must be, and I have done a couple of hours already this week, I have to do 50 hours more or less and then be signed off in an exam situation.

Practice teaching in Pilates is (perhaps not suprisingly) quite like practice teaching in schools, but with less yelling. I am rediscovering my voice projection, and my ability to scan a room for people doing what they shouldn’t. All I’ve had to do is adjust from ‘is anyone drawing on the walls’ to ‘is anyone losing the alignment of their lower back’. I’m really enjoying it and feedback from my supervisors has been positive so far.

Today, I’ve been swotting for the written exam, which I have next Wednesday afternoon. Questions range from e.g. ‘Name three exercises for mobilising the spine’ (easy) to ‘Name six deep hip muscles which rotate the thigh’ (ugh - hard to spell) and ‘Explain the importance of core stability and how you would teach it to a new client’ (lots of marks there). I think I’m going to be fine, I’ve been studying steadily on all this stuff since May and now is really just revision.

In the meantime, I have been knitting quite a lot, and spinning a little. Spinning is harder on my back, and I really need a better chair, but I’m fine for short bursts. This week I’ve been working on the newest SOFA club fibre and have knitted a project already (no spoilers!). It’ll be out early next week. I’ve nearly finished my Tangled Yoke Cardigan, it’s at that point where it’s so close to done that I don’t want to knit anything else so it’s getting lots of attention. It looks a little bigger than this:


I really just want to finish it so I can start the next jumper, inspired by this, which at the moment looks something like this:


I have allowed time though for the odd baby bootie as well, since apparantly everyone is falling pregnant at the moment! (Not me.)

This post has been rather light on pictures, so I’ll dig out a couple that I somehow missed blogging about, from our trip to the Peak District in July


This is Neil atop a very large hill,  this was a great walk, lovely views and the only day of our trip on which it didn’t pour with rain!


And here’s an example of the roads we drove around the whole time, around the area close to our cottage. A bit hairy at times, particularly when there were stone walls either side!

We are heading to Yorkshire next weekend to visit friends, and also hoping to squeeze in a trip to New York in October. Things depend a little on Neil’s work, and we’re just waiting to see.

Ciao! xx

2 Responses to “Not kidnapped by aliens, or the knit police”
  1. Daisy says:

    Yargh, you’ve reminded me I STILL haven’t signed up for the Pilates classes I was going to do! Glad to here it’s all going well with that.

  2. Penny says:

    Your Tangled Yoke is looking good! Mine has taken me, literally, years, because the cable hates me! But I’m probably at about the same stage you are now, and can’t wait to finish it! Have fun in Yorkshire!

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