Yesterday I was refused a mobile phone contract. I can kind of sympathise with the company - I have only been here a short time and there’s no guarantee I’m staying. I also ticked the “self-employed professional (writer)” box. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t trust me with an 18 month contract. It is a fact that I don’t earn enough from writing to pay telephone bills and I may not be here in 18 months.

It occurred to me though - If, say, the Yarn Harlot decided to up and move to the UK and when shopping for a phone, ticked the “self-employed professional (writer)” box, would she be declined? It seems unfair somehow.

There was very little scope on the form to explain that I actually have two jobs and I chose the one that sounded cooler than ’shop assistant’ and I have a husband who’s likely to bail me out of debt if necessary as well. Oh well. I bought the phone outright in the end and stuck my pre-pay sim inside and all is well.

All was even better when I arrived at work to find a squidgy parcel waiting for me :-D Cocoa Dream sock yarn from Cairi’s shop (mmmmmm) I have an inch of capuccino-coloured ribbing, and after six hours in the car to Wales and back, hopefully a little more!



In other news, as you may have guessed I am off to Wales this weekend for Wonderwool. It’s very exciting - I’m looking forward to looking at sheep, seeing a country I’ve only visited once for an hour and perhaps buying some fibre :-D

I have remembered to pack my camera and will tell you all about it on Monday!

3 Responses to “Declined”
  1. Bronte says:

    Have a lovely woolly time. If you see Kerrie, say hello!

    And I’ll have my yarn back, thankyouverymuch! YOINK!

  2. Amanda Cathleen says:

    I’ve had my cell contract canceled by the company before. They paid for roaming charges, and I was mostly roaming. Boy was I peeved that they cancled my contract! Wouldn’t you still be held responsible for the phone contract even if you moved before it was up?
    anyway, can’t wait to hear about Wonderwool. A and K are going to a fiber festival with me tomorrow, should
    be interesting

  3. Kai says:

    they have a very weird credit checking method. My sis still can’t get her own contract with a mobile phone company because she has no credit cards. shocking.

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