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It’s finally time to release a major project that I’ve been keeping under wraps now for quite a while. I’m really excited about this, it’s forming a large part of my revised business model and will be where quite a bit of my energy goes for the next year.

Spin! For Spinners and Knitters. How to Spin, What to Knit.

Spin! Series 1 - preview

Spin! is a series of designs for your handspun, but for added value, each one comes with its own related spinning tutorial. What you get is a whole project package - start to finish. The tutorials will range from beginner to advanced intermediate, knitting patterns are all beginner to intermediate - designed to show off your beautiful handspun yarn rather than confuse the eye with too much intricate patterning.

The first series of Spin! will be released this month. Four tutorials with acompanying patterns, one each week during September. Topics include spinning more consistent yarn, working with alpaca and a special dyeing project. I am just putting finishing touches on the first, which you had a hint of yesterday, and it will be available as a pdf download later this week.

I’m very excited about this new venture, I hope you are inspired by the designs, and gain valuable knowledge from the tutorials.

Happy Spinning!

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