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Yes, I do still knit. It’s just these days, I tend to knit at work and spin at home, and my camera lives at home … well you know how it goes.

So here’s some of what is currently on the needles…

The Looza sock: I’m using Trekking Bamboo, which is quite interesting to knit with - a bit hairy but softens up a lot. The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks but without the lacy cuff.


New socks for me: Sorry, the photos are hopeless because it’s dingy weather here, but it’s coming along nicely trust me :-) The yarn is from Cairi’s Knitting Goodies on Etsy, I loooove her colours and am desperately resisting joining the sock club (not to mention the lace club) (my stash is full my stash is full my stash is full…)


I am also steadily working away at the Purple Cable Extravaganza (close set cables every 4th round for 8″ - whose idea was that anyway?) but it’s at work so no pics today.

And a finished object!

The Seaside Socks which I forgot to photograph before sending them off. The pattern will be available soon from Angel Yarns. (please note arty seashell shaped sock with accompanying beach pebbles ;-))


I have deadlines, and I do want to get to the shop today to hang out with the crowd, so I must go and treadle a bit more.


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