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Two finished objects in one week! Not to mention one nearly finished which will almost certainly be off the needles by Thursday.


New socks for me: Yarn is from Middle Earth Yarns; Pattern will be available as soon as I have a few more photos.

The other FO is a secret I’m afraid, I’ll publish a pic on July 9th (which just happens to be my mum’s birthday ;-))

It seems to be the way things work around here. I have a habit, when the urge is upon me, to start lots of things at the same time. This somehow (even taking into account vastly different completion times) leads to finishing lots of things within a short timeframe as well. Perhaps it’s all to do with the guilt of too many wip’s on the needles - I get finishing fever.

Of course, finishing things frees up space on the needles for new things to knit! Now what could I be doing with this …


This is also from Middle Earth Yarns, Cairi’s new merino sport weight. Now that I’ve finally finished admiring it and having the occasional fondle ;-) I have wound it up, and will be swatching tonight.

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